The Talented Mr Ripley

Channel 4 ‘s documentary about Psychopaths. It includes real life cases, a list of the most psychopathic professions and the top 10 films that best capture psychopathic behavior.

Also on Channel 4 website there is available a test and a famous personas game.

Not sure if the links work outside the UK but I think we should all learn to identify pshychopathy and sociopathy* to avoid unnecessary pain. However it’s not easy to spot them cause they are usually smart enough to mimic desired behaviors and mingle in. I have been lucky enough so far, cause I surely have not been clever! Also I am not suggesting avoiding psychopaths, I am suggesting «bear this in mind». (Please note, this is not an invitation to psychopaths either.)

«Psychopathy is characterized by amoral and antisocial behavior, an inability to establish meaningful personal relationships, a callous disregard for others, extreme egocentricity, a lack of remorse or conscience, and a failure to learn from experience.

Intriguingly, these qualities can sometimes code for greatness.»  Sounds familiar?

For those of you that can’t watch the whole thing, in short: Psychopathy is on a spectrum. Psychopaths are not necessarily killers (although we might all agree that there is more than one kind of deaths) but it makes it easier for them to become.

At 7’12» – 8’15» The secret to spotting a psychopath

Top traits:

– Lack of remorse and empathy

– Narcissism

– Nothing is ever their fault

– Capacity for charm (which switches on and off)

– Incapacity to bond

– They never do anything that doesn’t benefit themselves)/Manipulative

– Fearless

– Rebellious nonconformity

– Game players (play mainly emotional tricks and lying)

– Grandiose

Psychopaths live between us they are usually «the kind of guy that you would sit with at a dinner party and listen mesmerized, awestruck«. «Trying to get the truth from [them] is like trying to catch a greased eel with an oiled glove» (11’53»-12’46)

Hear it from a real life psychopath at 20’18»-23’50»

Another real life case on 1:14:25 on child psychopathy (also called Callous Unemotional)

Top 10 films:

10. Psycho (although this was a case of multiple personality disorder)

9. Silence of the lambs (a lesson on how to handle a psychopath – that is if you have to!)

8. Blade Runner (the empathy test. No wonder why I was sick for one week after I first saw this film)

7. Wall Street (after all the highest rate of psychopaths are in Banking)

6. James Bond (Shame with such last name to be incapable of bonding)

5. The talented Mr. Ripley (a classic example of how smartly they learn how to mimic behavior)

4. A Clockwork Orange (according to this documentary this film got it wrong, cause images of extreme violence don’t bother psychopaths)

3. We need to talk about Kevin (child psychopathy and a mother that never gave up on him)

2. Malice (stunning portrayal of egotism and narcissism with the power of life and death)

1. The dark Knight (best captured psycopathic nature. «Whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you stranger»)

It concludes: «Perhaps this is why we are so fascinated with psychopaths. For all their destructive tendencies, they enjoy a freedom from the rules of society that we secretly envy. They are the stuff of our nightmares and our fantasies»

* Some claim it’s the same, however I found this article on their differences very interesting

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